15 Sneaky Hacks to Trick Yourself Into Moving More

By HealthMeansWealth

Discover 15 clever strategies to inject enjoyment and motion into your everyday routine, rendering improved health more accessible and pleasurable than you might have ever imagined.

Morning Stretches

It's a quick and effective way to prioritize your well-being from the moment you wake up.

Hourly Jumping Jacks

Set alarms on your phone or smartwatch as a reminder to keep yourself accountable.

Commute on Foot

Whether you're now working from home or have a shorter commute, make the most of that extra time by taking a long walk or running errands in your neighborhood.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Active

Boost your daily activity levels effortlessly by keeping a glass of water on your desk, and make it a habit to refill it every time it runs dry.

Get Moving During Phone Calls

Rather than sit and chat, walk around the house, engage in bodyweight squats, or perform leg stretches.