Health Means Wealth was established to create a supportive community for those seeking to improve their health. It focuses on building healthy habits around sleep, mental health, diet, exercise, social interaction, and more.

We aim to deliver informative, engaging, and relatable content that resonates with our diverse audience, whether they’re trying to reach a specific goal, improve their quality of life, or just feel better in their own skin.

Health Means Wealth Editorial Policy

This editorial policy serves as a framework for maintaining the integrity and quality of our content. As journalists and writers, we strive to offer the best possible information from reputable sources.

Accuracy and Trustworthiness

We prioritize accuracy and reliability by fact-checking information from reputable sources. We strive to provide balanced perspectives, especially on topics that evoke differing viewpoints.

The Distinction between Reporting and Opinion

We are taking steps to clearly delineate between factual reporting and opinion pieces, ensuring transparency for our readers.

Editorial Independence

Our content is independent of external influence, including advertisers or sponsors.

Should a third party sponsor or create an article, full disclosure will be provided.

Originality and Attribution (including AI)

We uphold intellectual property rights and refrain from plagiarism. We also conduct regular checks to verify the originality of our content.

While AI is used for ideation and writing assistance, we maintain a strict policy against replacing human writers with AI. All content generated with AI assistance is human-edited to ensure accuracy, quality, originality, and relevance to our audience.

Ethics and Respect

We uphold ethical standards by respecting the privacy of individuals and refraining from promoting hate speech or discrimination.


Our ownership, affiliations, and any potential conflicts of interest are openly disclosed to our audience. We promptly address and rectify any inaccuracies or errors in our content to maintain transparency and accountability.

By adhering to these principles, Health Means Wealth aims to provide our readers with a trustworthy and enriching experience and foster a vibrant community.