The Power of Exercise

There is no health without movement. Our bodies are designed to move and explore. To constantly be still is to go against our very nature. To some of us it comes naturally, while others struggle to motivate themselves to do anything active.

How do we stay active?

Find what literally “moves” you. We all have different passions, hobbies and interests so the form of exercise you enjoy will be unique. In fact, if you consider yourself as someone that doesn’t like “exercise,” let’s immediately get rid of that limiting belief by calling it something else such as simply: movement.

Simple ways to start exercising now:

  • Find an accountability partner and set a daily goal for exercise.
  • Take the stairs!
  • Bike or walk to work if possible. (BONUS: decrease your carbon footprint and save money on gas.)
  • Do 10 repetitions of anything (i.e. squat or jumping jacks) every time you get up from a chair.
  • Find free workout videos you love on YouTube for any amount of time or exercise type (from dancing to intervals for five minutes and up.)
  • Take periodic standing breaks from work and do some easy stretches and exercise (i.e. squats, heel raises, etc.)
  • Go for a walk on your lunch break.

Make it a habit to keep moving.

Those that are successful at maintaining an exercise routine are the ones that have made it a habitual part of their schedule. They don’t have to use their power of will to decide if they should go the gym or outside for a walk, they simply do it. Just as basic physics goes: “a body in motion stays in motion.”

Something is better than nothing.

Typically when we say we don’t have time to exercise, we are really just saying we don’t prioritize our health or the benefits of exercise. If you are truly short on time, this still isn’t an excuse. Five to ten minutes of exercise is still better than nothing! This can be done quickly in the morning before a shower, one minute at a time while you’re waiting on co-workers or family throughout the day, basic exercise while watching your favorite show, etc. NO EXCUSES! Just do it. No matter how much time you can commit, make sure you are focused and all in when it is time to exercise.

The benefits of exercise.

The benefits of exercise are limitless. Even if you dread exercising, you have to admit that getting your heart rate up improves your mood and helps you feel accomplished.

  • Increased mental clarity. Movement allows the brain to process. This is why some of our “a-ha!” moments come while running or walking.
  • Weight management. Exercise helps our bodies optimize our metabolism and determines how efficiently it will use the food we intake.
  • Decreased risk, management or even full reversal of chronic illnesses including high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, and dementia (the list goes on and on).
  • Improved endurance for participating fully in life with your friends, family and co-workers.
  • Age with grace by decreasing fall risk, preventing chronic illness and osteoporosis.
  • Release of the body’s feel good hormones to promote feelings of well-being. This means better regulation of the stress hormone cortisol that can cause body tissue strain and unnecessary weight gain.
  • Optimize gut health and antioxidants while decreasing free radicals in the body. Detoxify the body through sweating and increased blood and lymph circulation.
  • The list goes on an on!

Use it, or lost it!

Don’t take your amazing body for granted. It was made to do great things! If you are nice to it, it will provide great opportunities. If you neglect your body, it also neglects you and will make life a hardship rather than blissful as it should!


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