Are You Settling for a Mediocre Life? 10 Signs Your Health Could Be Better.

We are creatures of habit. Thus, even if certain behaviors and decisions in our lives are causing us to suffer, we might just keep making them because they are hard wired into our brain and daily habits. When we get too comfortable with poor health decisions, it sets us up for trouble somewhere down the road, whether it’s tomorrow or in years to come.

We become blind to the poor habits we are stuck in if we don’t take the time to regularly (and mindfully) assess how we’re feeling. This way we can decide if our daily habits align with our health goals and preferred lifestyle.

Getting complacent with your health.

Life seems to work in cycles, even for the most dedicated health enthusiasts. For a while, your daily habits are pristine and you feel motivated because of goals you’ve set and how you feel. Then a stressful event occurs, you encounter a big life change, it’s a holiday or birthday, or a sudden schedule change seems throw you off track. All of a sudden, all that hard work you’ve put in gets forgotten and you find yourself making poor health decisions; either because it’s more convenient or it’s an old habit that has resurfaced.

Don't hide from your bad health habits.
You can’t hide from your bad health habits forever.

10 signs your health needs a reboot:

  • Chronic GI issues such as pain, bloating, gas, and constipation. These happen on occasion but should not be a daily event.
  • Brain Fog. Keep losing your train of thought? Feeling less productive than usual? Your brain may be struggling to function on all cylinders.
  • Chronic Pain. This type of pain is a complicated issue that typically results from poor stress management, minimal exercise habits and general inflammation of the body due to poor health choices. It may be as commonplace as a headache or as bad not being able to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Weight gain, especially around the belly. We’ve all accepted that weigh gain is normal with stress, aging, and even certain holidays. However, with better care for your body this simply shouldn’t be the case.
  • Low energy. Feeling exhausted most of the day? Pretty much any change in your health habits for the worse can contribute to this.
  • Trouble sleeping. This means your hormone balance and brain function are out of sync.
  • Chronic stress and anxiety or other mood problems. Healthy habits help you better manage most mood disorders!
  • Trouble connecting with loved ones. Typically due to mood swings, anxiety and/or stress.
  • Skin problems such as acne, eczema, and wrinkles. This is a sign that your body is inflamed.
  • Strong sugar cravings. Your body is telling you that your gut is out of balance, causing “bad” colonies of cells to proliferate and making your cravings almost impossible to ignore.

How to take control of your life and break through the mediocrity.

If you read through that list and realize that you are not where you want to be. Don’t panic or be too hard on yourself, it happens to all of us periodically throughout our lives.

Having the awareness that you need to make a change is the biggest step! Now, simply start with one small goal at at time to work toward your ideal health.

Take control of your health today.
Take control of your health!

Just Start. TODAY, not tomorrow!

Start by writing down the goals that you eventually want to achieve in each realm of your health. Then, make a plan that you can start right away without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Are you practicing daily gratitude and mindfulness?
  • Are you making high quality sleep a priority for helping your body recover each day?
  • Are you getting your body moving most days of the week to keep you strong and energized?
  • Are you fueling your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive?
  • Are you getting outside to reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine?

If your answer was no to any of these, any of these topics are a great starting point.

Not sure where to start?

If you want more guidance, I invite you to take advantage of my free book. It’s a short and easy read, yet it dives deeper into the above questions. With education and actionable steps, you can start living the life you want TODAY.

Getting started is the most important part. From there, do your best and benefit from the changes as a you make progress!t

What are your weakest points when it comes to making healthy choices?

For me, it’s always been my sweet tooth. I now regularly try to do a “sugar detox” for anywhere from 3 to 40 days periodically to help me kick my crazy cravings when I feel they are starting to rule my life.

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