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26 Ways Real People Were Able to Lose Weight without Extreme Dieting

Are you finding it tough to lose those stubborn extra pounds and feel sad about the numbers on your scale? It can be confusing with lots of conflicting diets, exercise plans, and weight loss advice. One minute, carbs are evil, and fat is good; the next, everything needs to be low-fat. And certain foods and exercise programs are constantly being praised and demonized, almost simultaneously.

With all the options and conflicting information, you might wonder: Where do I start?

Most often, making small and simple changes can lead to the most incredible (and sustainable) results. People online recently talked about the easiest ways they have successfully lost weight (yes, real people- not “experts”). They shared their stories and highlighted simple steps to achieve their weight loss goals.

1. Cut Down on Sugary Drinks

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Americans love their drinks- to go with meals, when bored, on road trips, etc.

Reducing your intake of sugary drinks, including soda, juice, and Gatorade, significantly helps shed those stubborn pounds (and saves you money, too). A user wrote, “I stopped drinking soda. Only been about 5-6 months, but none of my pants stay on anymore without a belt.” 

Another person said, “My weight dropped from 85 kg to 75 kg in 6 months and has stayed there for five years. That’s the only lifestyle change I made.”

2. Dental or Orthodontic Procedures

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Several users reported experiencing visible weight loss after undergoing dental procedures like Invisalign, braces, or implants. With sore teeth and annoying braces that get food stuck, many people found this a surprisingly effective way to stop snacking so much.

A user said, “Got Invisalign; I stopped snacking throughout the day because I was too lazy to take the retainers out.”

3. Unsubscribing From Food Delivery Apps

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Another way to lose weight is by resisting the temptation of having meals conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Fast food is known for being filled with processed oils, additives, and preservatives that your body doesn’t need. Fewer deliveries help keep your waistline in check (and your pocket, too).

Someone wrote, “I ordered a lot, sometimes 2x a day, because I was too depressed to go out and get food or cook. I’m doing better now!”

4. Sleep Instead of Eating

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Who needs a fancy meal when you can enjoy the luxury of slumber? Users shared this ultimate weight loss hack: Sleep. By prioritizing sleep over munching, you can satisfy your laziness and avoid unnecessary calorie intake. 

Evidence shows that sleep deprivation increases your likelihood of overeating and choosing unhealthy food options. So prioritize those ZZZs!

5. Gaming Your Way to Fitness

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How about combining a fun hobby with exercise? Try gaming and biking together.

A cool idea that got much attention was combining gaming with riding a recumbent exercise bike. One person said they would play video games while riding a bike for a few hours daily. One day, they played games all day and rode over 100 miles, burning an amazing 6000 calories. Doing this helped them lose about 40 pounds during one summer.

6. Buying Groceries on a Full Stomach

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If you’re hungry at the grocery store, you will be more likely to buy more stuff than what is on your list- particularly hunk food. Many agreed, and a mom said it is one of the most effective and practical suggestions. Alternatively, you can also get your groceries delivered to your place. It also helps save some bucks as a bonus since you won’t add any impulse buys!

7. Getting Enough Fiber

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Getting enough fiber in your daily diet is an effective weight loss strategy. It will help keep your belly full longer and all digestive functions running smoothly, reducing the body’s exposure to toxins that could inhibit weight loss.

Some people suggested adding psyllium husk to smoothies, water, or other daily foods. Getting enough whole grains, fruit, veggies, and legumes can also help boost your fiber intake.

8. Get Moving

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Any movement is better than nothing. If you hate gyms or home workouts, that’s okay.

Walking around the neighborhood or cycling daily can help you control your weight while improving your physical and mental health. Getting outside a day is also great for mental health. Depending on where you live, you can walk or bike to closeby spots you typically drive (grocery store, work, etc.). Otherwise, make it a habit to stop at your favorite park or walking path.

A person said, “I have a car but live within walking distance of everything. I barely ever drive. People assume I’m just poor. I’ve lost a date because the girl thought I didn’t have a car. I had a nicer car than she did, but I like this way, and it keeps me fit.”

9. Ditch Snacking Before Bed

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Eating right before bed does no favors for one’s health, especially when the food is high in carb content. It will affect your sleep quality (which affects your hunger cues). The body needs a break from constant digestion to recovery, making sleep an ideal time to do this.

Try eating a rich, filling dinner and then avoiding unhealthy snacks before bedtime. You’ll be surprised how it affects your metabolism (in a good way).

10. Avoid Stocking Instant Meals

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Sometimes we eat out of convenience and boredom rather than real hunger. There’s a potential solution for this.

A user said, “Don’t keep anything easy to prepare or particularly tasty in the house. If you’re not hungry enough to spend 20 minutes cooking something, you’re not hungry.”

11. Intermittent Fasting

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Many users swear by intermittent fasting and recommend others to try it. A user wrote, “I’ve found intermittent fasting effective, especially when craving junk because I tell myself I can have it: I just have to wait until my eating window. And usually, by then, the craving has subsided. But I never feel like I’m denying myself.”

It’s important to talk to a physician about intermittent fasting, particularly if you are on medication, managing a chronic disease, or are a woman about to enter or in menopause.

12. Play Virtual Reality Games

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Because VR games require you to activate your body and burn calories like any other exercise, they are also a great way to lose weight if you are into gaming. If you’re not into VR, Wii boards, dance videos, and other games that get you moving are a great option too.

A user stated, “I bought my kids Quest headsets for Christmas and accidentally lost 10 lbs playing when the kids were asleep. Got myself one and lost another 30 lbs playing Beatsaber.”

13. Breastfeeding

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For many women dealing with postpartum weight gain, breastfeeding their little ones is a way to lose that pre-pregnancy weight.

A woman wrote, “Breastfeeding did it for me. In the beginning, it was hard because my baby and I were both learning. However, it became effortless. I’ve lost more than 40 lbs. I weigh less now than I did pre-pregnancy.”

14. Drink More Water

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Thirst can easily be confused with hunger. Staying hydrated will prevent you from eating more than necessary and help you look and feel great. Also, well-hydrated skin tends to glow!

Make it a habit to always keep a water bottle with you. Sip on it throughout the day, with the goal of drinking around 100 ounces a day. It should be enough water that your urine stays a clear to light yellow color throughout the day.

15. Find a Fun Hobby

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Who says burning calories means you have to slave away on a treadmill at a gym? Exercise should be fun. Otherwise, it’ll never stick.

Someone writes, “Find an active hobby you don’t hate. I started rock climbing. It burns a ton of calories, and I can stay for hours. I go twice a week now.” Staying active and having fun is much better for all aspects of your health.

16. Sugar Purge

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Grab a large trash bag and go through a detailed decluttering of your pantry. Anything with more than 8 grams of sugar on its label should be tossed into that bag. Eight grams is a reasonable threshold that allows flexibility while ensuring you do not overly consume sugary bites. By eliminating these sweet temptations from your pantry, you’re taking a powerful step toward weight loss success.

17. Keep Fruits on Hand

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Fresh or frozen, fruits are nature’s gift that can satisfy your sugar cravings without compromising health or calories. You will never regret stocking up some fruits in the refrigerator.

Frozen fruits never age or turn mushy and are amazingly versatile. Enjoy them as a nutritious shake or drizzle them with maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla for a delightful, guilt-free dessert.

18. Understand Marketing Gimmicks

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When grocery shopping, avoid products flaunting labels like “low-calorie” or “zero-calorie.” These often signal that natural ingredients like sugar or fat have been replaced with artificial additives, potentially harming your health.

Truly wholesome foods like broccoli and apples don’t need such labels. When possible, opt for food that doesn’t require packaging or too much processing.

19. Capture Your Progress

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In addition to tracking your weight, capturing progress photos can be a powerful tool in your weight loss journey. Consider taking pictures from the front, sides, and back every 7 to 30 days. They visually represent your weekly progress, providing motivation. 

Just remember to be realistic and know that progress should be slow-moving for it to be sustainable. If you’re not noticing much change in your photos or on the scale, focusing on how you’re feeling can also help you stay motivated. It’s not all about the numbers but more about how you feel in your skin!

20. Get a Support System

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Stay on track with your weight loss goals by connecting with friends who know your journey and can offer support and accountability. A support system helps you adhere to your plan and share valuable diet and exercise tips. For added motivation, you can also find a workout partner. 

21. Opt for Appetizers When Dining Out

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While eating out frequently might not be best for weight loss goals, getting out to socialize and enjoy other’s company is an important part of life. Considering portions at a restaurant are important, making appetizers a potential solution.

Appetizer portions often align better with recommended serving sizes than main course meals. You can request an appetizer from the menu and serve it as your meal. However, if you prefer something from the entree section, consider sharing it with a dining companion to manage portion sizes effectively.

22. Frozen Veggies Are a Way to Go

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Frozen vegetables are a lifesaver when fresh ones are out of season or running low. Plus, they’re often easy to prep in a crock pot, instant pot, or stovetop.

Surprisingly, they often pack more nutrition than their fresh veggies. Why? Because they’re harvested at their peak freshness and promptly flash-frozen, preserving their nutrients.

23. Reflect on Past Dieting Experiences

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Journaling is a great way to find clarity and realize what is working and what isn’t.

Write down your past dieting experience and pinpoint what didn’t work. Was it the excessive restrictions, lack of understanding about the method, or less-than-committed effort? Then, use these insights to learn how those experiences made you feel “Less Than” and transform that into motivation to become “More Than” you ever thought possible.

Plus, perhaps focus on changing lifestyle habits that make you feel good rather than going on the next “diet” or other grueling restriction.

24. Stop Negative Self-Sabotage

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Take a moment to jot down all those unkind words you’ve spoken to yourself on a piece of paper. Read them aloud, and then imagine your best friend had written them and handed them to you. It’s hurtful, right?

Now, take that paper and let it go, destroy it. Say goodbye to those negative thoughts, releasing them from your life forever. Be positive about yourself. Being confident in your body and health is a great step in feeling good about your body image and weight.

25. Use Smaller Plates

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Opting for a smaller dish when plating your meals can create the illusion of a fuller plate, tricking your brain into thinking it’s a full-sized portion.

This simple visual hack can help you maintain better control over your food intake and make it easier to stick to your portion goals.

26. Don’t Talk While Eating

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Engaging in conversation while standing at a buffet or snack table can lead to mindless nibbling. To avoid this, serve yourself what you want and move the conversation away from the tempting spread. This is an especially important hack during holidays, a time notorious for people stressing about potential weight gain.


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