Nature is Healing for All Ages: 5 Reasons I Take My Daughter Outside Everyday.

No matter who you are, being able to get outside in nature consistently is such an important part of life. When life gets busy and responsibilities pile up, time spent in nature tends to be a low priority along with other essential healthy habits like exercise and cooking balanced meals.

Healing nature for all ages.
My daughter and I spend quality time outside as often as we can!

Kids are spending more and more time inside.

Unfortunately, when we don’t prioritize spending time outside, we are teaching our youth bad habits. It is now alarmingly common for kids of all ages to spend the majority of their time inside and sedentary. Plus, the trends seems to show that this lack of outdoor activity will get worse unless we can change our awareness and realize the importance of outdoor time.

Less time outside typically equates to a significant increase in time spend inactive.

-JayDee Vykoukal
Encourage outdoor time.
We encourage a love for nature through example.

Time in nature is imperative to a healthy upbringing.

Time in nature is important for all ages. So try to teach your kids to love all that the great outdoors has to offer. This is best done by setting a good example. If you show them how much you enjoy being outside, they are almost guaranteed to follow suit.

Encourage their outdoor habits and connection to nature.

I have a one old daughter that loves nature. As soon as she was born, you could see the excitement in her eyes and the way she visibly relaxed when we got to spend some quality time outside together. Innately, it’s as if she knows that her connection to nature and the Earth are powerful. Babies naturally love being outdoors, all we need to do is help nurture that sense of adventures as they grow and learn.

My top 5 reasons for taking my daughter outside everyday.

It is a mission of mine to make sure my daughter gets quality time spent outside every single day. Does it always happen? No. But for the majority of the time it does. My daughter’s love for being outside only grows as I make the effort to keep her connected to nature.

1. Sunshine and vitamin D

A healthy dose of the “sunshine vitamin” has so many great perks. It will not only provide physical health from vitamin D synthesis, such as strong bones, but it also boosts your child’s mood. Finding the balance for sun exposure will depend on where you live and you’re child’s skin tone.

Sunshine is essential for vitamin D synthesis and health.
Sunshine is good for the soul.

2.  Dirt exposure for a healthy microbiome. 

While letting your child roll around in the mud, interact with other dirty children or animals, and just be a kid can cause a gut reaction to sterilize- stay strong! Studies show that kids that get more dirt time and less time in sterile environments are ironically less likely to be sick, experience allergies and have a strong healthy gut. The importance of a diverse microbiome (the bacteria in your gut) is becoming more clear everyday. This diversity comes from allowing your child to explore the world around them and introducing them to a variety of nutritious foods. To maximize their exposure, try things like having your own garden and getting them excited about cooking and food preparation!

3. Keep your child grounded. 

The Earth is a negatively charged force field that can help balance the positive electrons we accumulate each day with normal cellular functions, particularly digestion and cellular energy creation. Taking time to literally connect to the Earth with bare feet or hands can help maximize your child’s health and mood. Grounding isn’t just for hippies anymore, try it!

4.  To perfect the art of “doing nothing.” 

We live in a high stimulus world. Taking time to get outside and disconnect from chore lists and technology will benefit your entire family. Taking time to “just be”and rest your body, mind, and soul are so important for keeping a healthy balanced life. Without it, stress will build and start affecting every facet of your life. Spending time in nature, especially as a social event with family and friends, is a great way to combat all the pressures your life may be feeling. Take time to get back to the basics and enjoy the simpler things in life. This will help your child learn how to prioritize and take care of themselves as they grow too!

Fresh air is healing.
Breathe in that fresh mountain air!

5.  Breathe in that fresh air. 

Exposure to fresh air improves your mood, boosts your body’s immune system and can prevent onset of future allergies. Plus, the literal scent of trees and flowers can promote a sense of well being and relaxation. Isn’t that amazing?! I know as soon as a I open the car door in a forest I can’t help but instantly stop and take a deep breath of appreciation.

Spending time in nature is one of the keys to our health.

Whether you want to see your kids thrive, or you are a kid at heart that has lost their way from the simple pleasures of life, take the time to get outside every single day. The more you do it, the more you will benefit. Plus, it will become a deeply ingrained habit for your entire family as you do it more.

What are your favorite ways to spend time outside? We love hiking, going to the park, and splashing around in the local river.

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