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18 Insecurities Women Harbor That Men Find Unnecessary

Women, are you grappling with the burden of insecurities that seem to overshadow your life?

Insecurities are a universal aspect of the human experience. Yet, it’s crucial to acknowledge that, especially for women, many of these anxieties may stem more from our own thoughts than accurate reflections of reality. Perhaps too much negativity about body image or social media perceptions of what’s “perfect” also feeds into women’s biggest insecurities.

A query posed to men in an online community asked, ‘Which insecurities in women do you believe are largely unfounded?’ Men from varied backgrounds collaborated to offer their insights, presenting fresh perspectives on these concerns and prompting women to reconsider why they harbored them. This should remind women everywhere that they’re beautiful just as they are.

1. Ears Sticking Out

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A woman can have all the beauty in the world but worry about her ears sticking out. But do men care if that’s the case? It turns out probably not.

A user shared, “I knew a woman with beautiful facial bone structure, beautiful eyes, beautiful curves, flawless skin. And she was insecure because her ears stuck out. I was like, “What”?”

In reality, no one bases a person’s entire beauty or worth on one feature. And if they do, they’re not worth a woman’s time anyway.

2. First Date Dilemma

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While first dates can be exhilarating and nerve-wracking, men think the last thing a woman should be insecure about is what to eat to impress the other person. While having table manners is a different issue, eating food that tastes good and eating to satiation is not something to feel anxious about.

Someone said, “I’ve heard from several girls I know that they’ll purposely choose a lighter meal when on a first date/early in the dating phase so as not to put their date off.” 

To confirm this isn’t true for most men, someone shared, “My cousin said he knew he was going to marry his wife on their first date because she ate her entire meal. It was written into the story the officiant told, I thought it was cute.”

3. Body Insecurities

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The curves that some women despise in themselves, many men adore. Just like women have different preferences and things they find attractive, so do men. They don’t all want supermodels. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful in their own way, and there are men out there to agree.

A user stated, “95% of the body-related things women are insecure about, guys do not care, or there’s a significant enough portion of men who find that flaw so attractive it disgusts most women who have that “flaw.””

4. The Makeup-Free Look

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It’s time to toss aside that makeup kit because men have spoken! Women being comfortable in their own skin without all the added beauty products is super sexy. Plus, many men find themselves wondering what a woman looks like with all the makeup on anyways.

A user shared, “Took a girl home once specifically because I wanted to see her without makeup. She was very beautiful but wore a lot, very artistic and not just caked on, though.”

5. Making The First Move 

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Women might feel shy or nervous about initiating a conversation or making the first move with a new man. Yet most men appreciate when women take the initiative and make the first move, whether in relationships, careers, or life in general! Because confidence is attractive.

A user said, “I’ve never really been too big on makeup, but making the first move, that’s a different story. As a feminine man, I always look for more confident women. It’s impressive.”

6. Style Repeats

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Men believe that stressing over wearing something new every day is unnecessary. Simplify your life and confidently repeat your favorite outfits. Many men have a modest closet and don’t see a problem with wearing similar outfits each day, so they certainly don’t care if women do it.

A user said, “Women always be like, “I can’t wear that. I wore [it] to there last time!” I wear nearly the same thing every day. I can’t see how it’s an issue.”

7. Not Getting a Response Within Minutes

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In a world where we expect everything almost instantaneously, a a lack of response from a new spark can make a woman’s head start spinning. She can think of all the worst possible scenarios if a guy fails to reply to her texts or phone calls almost immediately.

A user funnily said, “Just because a guy doesn’t text back immediately doesn’t mean he’s cheating. Sometimes we’re just trying to beat our high score on Candy Crush.”

8. Height Insecurities

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Embrace yourself and let go of unnecessary height worries. Most men are more concerned about personality, confidence, and if they’re attracted to them- no their exact height.

A user shared, “If I had a nickel every time I heard a shorter woman say she wished she was taller, I’d probably have a dollar at this point. In all my years, I’ve not once heard a guy utter the words “she’s cute but just too short.” Literally zero times.”

9. Age is Just a Number

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We hear stories and make a lot of jokes about how men like to keep dating the same age as women forever, always upgrading to a “newer” model. Yet, this just isn’t true for many when. When it comes to age, most men have a surprisingly open-minded perspective.

Someone said, “I’ll tell you this, as long as you’re a legal, mature adult, most guys don’t care how old you are. All this “omg no, I’m too old for you” doesn’t phase us. If we’re into you, we’re into you. Doesn’t matter. In one ear and out the other, lol.”

10. Eyebrows Matter

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For some women, eyebrows should always be on point, even if their life is upside down. However, men think differently. In reality, most men don’t pay that close of attention to these small details like women do.

A user said, “Ladies I assure you not a single one of us is going to notice your eyebrows unless you burn one of them off. Even then, we might not.”

11. Freckles

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Freckles are unique in fair-skinned folks (men and women). Yet, some women obsess over reducing their visibility instead of embracing it.

Someone said, “I love freckles. So many men think freckles are the bomb, but so many women try to cover them up or hate them. I don’t get it.”

12. Stretch Marks

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Some women feel ashamed of stretch marks, whether from weight gain or pregnancy, but these are a normal part of life for many. They can be seen as blemishes or as a positive reminder of the great things a woman’s body can do.

Someone wrote, “I like women with a lil bit of tiger in her. They’re great.” Embracing the changes the body has gone through is so much better than feeling ashamed.

13. Breast Size

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American culture is obsessed with breasts, perpetuated by Hollywood culture, marketing, and more. It leaves women wondering if theirs are too big, too small, too saggy, etc. Yet, there is one stark reality that a man points out that is truly for most of them.

He writes, “We love the boobs we’re allowed to touch.” His comment reminds us that women should embrace their bodies as they are.

14. Messy Hair

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While crazy hair might seem like a no-no to women, some men actually find the messy bun look to be attractive. Women who don’t have enough time to do their hair shouldn’t worry.

If a woman is too busy with other aspects of their life (kids, going to school, a bustling career), a bad hair day or messy hair certainly isn’t going to deter a man from seeing all the amazing thing they do daily.

15. Smiles

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Some women are conscious of their teeth not being white enough or crooked. But a smile is one of the best accessories a woman can have!

No matter what the smile looks like, wearing one instantly makes any woman more attractive and approachable.

16. Nose Shape

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Is there such a thing as a perfect nose shape? Reality TV and plastic surgeons may have you think otherwise. Yet, according to men in the forum, no, there isn’t.

Like most worries on this list, confidence is much more important. A woman with unique features that exudes confidence is sexy.

17. Cellulite

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Somehow, cellulite has been touted as a bad thing- when most human beings have it. Photoshop and social media filters may lead women to feel that they are the only ones dealing with cellulite, but this just simply isn’t true. It’s totally normal.

For men who like curves, they might even welcome them. Cellulite is much more of a concern to a woman than any man will ever notice.

18. Hair Grooming

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There is a common belief that women must be hairless- yet there are many cultures and men that don’t care if a woman has perfectly smooth legs or groomed armpits.

What’s most important is that women embrace what they’re most comfortable with!


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