Woman enjoying natural spa, Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland

15 Healing Hot Springs Around the World Worth Visiting

Setting out on a quest to discover natural hot springs, whether you chance upon a rustic cement tub, an untouched natural pool, or a luxurious resort, assures an exhilarating experience. The soothing warmth of the water holds the remarkable power to melt away the fatigue in weary muscles and bones. At the same time, the mineral-rich content imparts its therapeutic benefits to the body.

Hot springs and soaking can be a truly healing experience, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Across the globe, a myriad of extraordinary hot springs beckon exploration.

My husband, a dedicated enthusiast of these geothermal wonders, makes it a point to seek them out during our travels. This collection is a joint endeavor between him and fellow travel bloggers who have discovered hot spring havens scattered across the globe that are worth a visit.

1. Hot Springs Near Pi, Thailand

Sai Ngam Hot Spring Thailand
Photo Credit: Health Means Wealth.

Located in the serene heart of Thailand’s natural beauty, it is a hidden gem that offers a serene and rejuvenating escape. Nestled amidst lush landscapes, this tranquil oasis invites visitors to unwind in its warm, mineral-rich waters, creating a harmonious balance between relaxation and the wonders of nature.

When exploring the mountains of Northern Thailand, your first thought might not be to visit a hot spring. But a small local pool is just what you need after a day of exploring. Grab a scooter and explore the area, ending with a nice soak.

2. Aidipsos Thermal Springs, Greece

Greece Hot Spring
Photo Credit: Evia Private Tours.

Visitors to Aidipsos Thermal Springs can experience the benefits of natural hot springs through thermal baths, mud treatments, massages, and other therapeutic services. The town’s picturesque setting by the sea adds to its appeal, making it a popular choice for those looking to combine natural healing with a tranquil coastal retreat.

Soaking in a hot spring is just another fun experience you can add to all the fun of a Greek adventure.

3. Travertine Hot Springs, California, USA

Travertine Hot Springs California Sierra Nevada
Photo Credit: Health Means Wealth.

A beautiful classic in the desert of California. This undeveloped, first come, first serve free gem is a van lifer’s dream. It features 2 main hot pools, one hidden pool, and plenty of breathtaking views of the Sierras with the desert below.

If you’re hungry for more, there are plenty of other springs in the area to explore near Mammoth. An off-road vehicle will allow you to find untouched gems you only have to share with the occasional cow.

4. Wotten Waven, Dominica

Dominican Hot Spring
Photo Credit: ExplorersAway.com.

The hot springs outside of the small town of Wotten Waven, Dominica are just one of the ways to experience the volcanic power of this lush Caribbean island. Here you’ll find a number of hot springs along the rivers that channel the sulphuric waters into different pools where you can bathe among the hillsides.

With nine volcanoes spread across the island, there are plenty of popular hot springs to try, though Screw’s Sulphur Springs is a local favorite. You can also apply volcanic mud to your skin and bathe in the cool river for a complete spa experience.

5. Laird Hot Springs, BC Canada

Laird Hot Springs Alaska Highway BC
Photo Credit: Health Means Wealth.

Laird Hot Springs, nestled along the iconic Alaska Highway in British Columbia, Canada, is a captivating natural oasis that beckons travelers with its unique blend of relaxation and scenic beauty. Surrounded by the untouched wilderness of the Northern Rocky Mountains, Laird Hot Springs offers a serene escape where visitors can immerse themselves in soothing, mineral-rich thermal waters.

If you’re going to (or from) Alaska by car, this is one epic spot to add to your road trip.

6. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon Hot Spring Iceland
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

The Blue Lagoon, a captivating geothermal wonder nestled in Iceland’s dramatic landscapes, is a true testament to nature’s extraordinary beauty and healing powers. This iconic destination offers visitors a unique opportunity to indulge in a rejuvenating soak within its azure, mineral-rich waters, creating an enchanting fusion of relaxation and otherworldly allure.

This is at the top of the to-do list for many Iceland explorers.

7. Tabacon Resort, Costa Rica

Photo Credit: Mikkel from Sometimeshome.com.

For a five-star experience, you might opt for a hotel stay or full-day pass experience at Tabacon Resort. This famous resort offers 22 thermal pools, walkways, a restaurant, and more.

If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, you can also hop in the warm river nearby with the locals if you can find parking. (the source of water for all of the local resorts). It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon relaxing and chatting with friends or family.

8. Aqua Calientes, Chile

Aqua Calientes Chile Hot Spring
Photo Credit: Health Means Wealth.

This remote area offers a variety of options, but people primarily camp and soak to immerse themselves fully. Nestled within the heart of Chile’s picturesque terrain, the Aguas Calientes region invites travelers to immerse themselves in its warm, mineral-rich waters. These therapeutic pools, heated by the Earth’s geothermal energy, offer myriad health benefits, from relieving muscle tension to promoting overall well-being.

This one is definitely for those looking to get off the beaten track with an exploration vehicle!

9. Hierve el Agua, Mexico

Frozen waterfalls and travertine pools of Hierve el Algua
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Hierve el Agua translates to “the water boils” in Spanish, and it’s known for its unique petrified waterfall formations and natural mineral pools.

What makes Hierve el Agua distinct is the calcium carbonate deposits that have built up over thousands of years, creating the appearance of cascading, frozen waterfalls. These formations resemble a waterfall turned to stone, and they are a breathtaking sight against the backdrop of the Oaxacan mountains.

10. Pamukkale Springs in Turkey 

Pammukale The travertines of calcium Turkey
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its travertine (a form of limestone) terraces and thermal pools. The white terraces filled with hot, mineral-rich water are a sight to behold.

Walk cautiously as you pick the pool that suits your fancy and enjoy!

11. Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan

Ma'in hot springs waterfall in Jordan
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

The Ma’in Hot Springs in Jordan provides a truly unique experience for visitors looking to relax and unwind. Nestled in the mountains near the Dead Sea, these thermal springs offer stunning views and an opportunity to immerse oneself in natural mineral-rich waters that have been celebrated for their healing properties since ancient times.

In addition to the hot springs, visitors can enjoy a range of spa treatments and massages using local herbs and minerals. The local resort also offers a variety of activities, such as hiking, cycling, and visiting nearby historical sites like the ancient city of Petra. With its combination of natural beauty, cultural significance, and therapeutic benefits, Ma’in Hot Springs is a must-visit destination for hot springs enthusiasts and wellness seekers alike.

12. Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado

Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Located in the scenic town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, this historic hot spring resort has been welcoming visitors since 1888. Known as the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool, it offers over two million gallons of warm water per day, making it a perfect spot for swimming, soaking, and relaxing.

Aside from the main pool, Glenwood Hot Springs also offers smaller therapy pools with varying temperatures and a spa offering massages and mineral baths. With its convenient location near popular ski resorts and hiking trails in the Rocky Mountains, this hot spring destination is an ideal choice for both relaxation and adventure.

13. Széchenyi Baths in Budapest, Hungary

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - AUGUST, 2018 Szechenyi Baths in Budapest, Hungary
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

The Széchenyi Baths in Budapest are a must-visit for anyone looking to experience Hungary’s unique culture and healing traditions. Originally opened in 1913, they are the largest medicinal baths in Europe and offer over 15 indoor and outdoor pools with varying temperatures and therapeutic minerals.

Aside from savoring the warm waters, visitors can enjoy spa treatments, yoga classes, and even a beer bath experience at Széchenyi Baths. With its stunning architecture and cultural events throughout the year, this hot spring destination offers a truly immersive experience for travelers seeking relaxation and adventure in Hungary.

14. Cascate Del Mulino, Italy

Most famous natural thermal hot springs pools in Tuscany Italty
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Cascate Del Mulino is a hidden gem of natural hot springs in the picturesque Tuscan countryside. The cascading waters of the Gorello River form these thermal pools, offering a tranquil oasis for visitors to relax and rejuvenate.

The water at Cascate Del Mulino is known for its mineral-rich properties, making it popular among locals and visitors alike for its therapeutic benefits. With its secluded location, surrounded by lush greenery and a quaint stone village, this hot spring destination offers a peaceful respite from the bustling cities of Italy.

15. Ferraria Thermal Baths Sao Miguel, Azores

Green island in the Atlantic Ocean, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Located on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores, the Ferraria Thermal Baths offer a unique and unforgettable experience for hot spring enthusiasts. These natural pools are nestled within rocks overlooking/in the Atlantic Ocean, creating a stunning contrast between warm mineral waters and cool ocean waves.

What makes the Ferraria Thermal Baths truly special is their location on top of an active thermal vent, allowing a perfect mix of hot and cold water. This creates a natural jacuzzi effect that is both relaxing and therapeutic. With its breathtaking views and soothing waters, this hot spring destination is a must-visit for anyone traveling to the Azores.

Overall, hot springs offer not only a soothing escape from the stresses of everyday life but also a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in natural beauty and experience the healing properties of mineral-rich waters. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, these hot spring destinations worldwide have something for everyone to enjoy.

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