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15 Upbeat Songs Guaranteed to Make Your Day Better

In moments of sorrow or introspection, music often emerges as a consoling sanctuary, capable of elevating one’s mood and providing solace. Sparking a lively conversation in a bustling online forum, the question surfaced: “Which song stands as a timeless gem, unfailingly lifting your spirits?” Here, you’ll uncover a trove of rejuvenating tunes guaranteed to uplift your day and bring a warm smile to your face.

1. September By Earth Wind And Fire

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Someone wrote, “This is the best!! Because I was born on the 21st of September, I’ve always considered this my personal birthday song!!”

Another Redditor said, “I immediately thought of this before I saw the top comment, and then yes.” Others shared that they married in September because they love this song so much.

2. Mr. Blue Sky By Electric Light Orchestra

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According to a user, a couple of years back, somebody made an algorithm to identify happy songs using chords, progressions, and tempo, and they found that Mr. Blue Sky was the happiest song ever recorded.

Many said they loved the song, and another added, “As someone who experiences Seasonal Affect Disorder, this song is like a hymn to me. It lifts me so so much.”

3. Three Little Birds By Bob Marley

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A user wrote, “ Our 8th-grade teacher blasted this song after the final bell rang. Weird how it stuck with me till now. E.g. For example, I have anxiety today and played it earlier.”

A mom shared, “I played this song while bringing each of my three kids home from the hospital, hoping they’d get sophisticated musical tastes.”

4. Dancing in The Moonlight By King Harvest

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Someone wrote, “I always imagine an ideal night outside of my home with a big yard and many close friends, and we dance outside to this song, and time stops while we all grin ear to ear. Maybe one day.”

5. Midnight City By M83s

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A user stated, “I immediately played that song as it is a love of mine. I always feel incredible after listening to Midnight City!!”

6. Gimme Shelter By Rolling Stones

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According to a user, “It is my absolute firm belief that Gimme Shelter is the best rock song ever recorded in music history.”

A Redditor added, ”Someone recently asked me what it would be if I was stranded on an island and only had one song. Without hesitating, I said Gimme Shelter.”

7. The Middle By Jimmy Eat World

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A user shared, “When I was in my late teens, there was a point where I was so depressed. One of the times, I was driving around with nowhere to go. This song came on, and I felt the weight lift off my shoulders. I have no idea why… But I turned around and went home feeling so much better. Great song!”

Another said he got all teary listening to it in the grocery store. Just a powerful statement to be kind to one’s self. Truly a treasure of a song.

8. Tusk By Fleetwood Mac

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Someone wrote, “It’s so hard to be in a bad mood when listening to this song or for several hours afterward while it’s stuck in your head.”

9. Sabotage By Beastie Boys

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A user stated,” When I’m skipping through songs trying to find one that suits the current mood, I will always stop and listen to this one when it pops up. Saying this now, I realize I should probably just put this song on directly instead of skipping so much.”

“The song structure and rhythm are undeniably genius – balancing math hop and groove perfectly as few can.” Another said. 

10. Immigrant Song By Led Zeppelin

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A Redditor said, “This is a perfect karaoke song because you get a little bit of rapping and singing, then you hit the high falsetto, and everyone cheers. Plus, people know more of the words to this song than they think.”

11. More Than a Feeling By Boston

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Someone wrote, “This was my favorite song on Guitar Hero, and I’d just play that song repeatedly. Ah, memories!”

Another said, “The song builds up so beautifully, too. It’s perfection.”

12. Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

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Many people are in love with this Queen song, especially the guitar solo. Someone writes, “Most Queen songs, honestly, but this song gets me SO hyped up.”

13. Hey Ya by Outkast

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People admit Outkast has a variety of songs that are guaranteed to get a person pumped up- with Hey Ya being one of the top favorites.

14. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

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For any pop fans, this songs hits the spot when you want to smile and dance around.

15. Better When I’m Dancin’ by Meghan Trainor

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All of Meghan’s songs are catchy with an upbeat catch. One that is guaranteed to get you laughing, and maybe even dancing, is this one.


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